AKR Public Relations is a multifaceted public relations agency founded by Amanda K. Ruisi in 2010. AKR PR specializes in celebrity brands, entertainment, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. We concentrate on brand building, media relations, talent relations, special events, social media and product integration.

AKR PR prides itself on our brand, personal, and television public relation services. We strategically work with our renowned clients to maintain their consumer brand while sustaining and maximizing their longevity within the industry. AKR PR advises numerous private equity firms with their emerging and established consumer brands on: acquisition targets, strategic investments, and capital infusions, while also providing them with PR services.  

Whether it's raising a client's profile in the press, building a brand's identity from scratch, launching a TV show, orchestrating an event, or matching a celebrity and a product, AKR PR is focused on making sure your brand permanently resides on the "Must-Have" list.

At AKR PR we don't just get coverage, we create buzz.
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